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Ledesma present in the 5° Cellulosic Paper Sessions!

Ledesma present in the 5° Cellulosic Paper Sessions!

The 5° Cellulosic Paper Sessions were held by the Asociación de Fabricantes de Celulosa y Papel (Cellulosic and Paper Producers Association) between 20th and 22th of September.


Marcos Uribelarrea, director of Negocio Papel, was part of the board “Change Challenges”, where he told how Ledesma adapt to pandemic times and the coronavirus, and talked about Ledesma NAT launching with its high level of acceptance.


“We are in the middle of finishing installing a new machine for exports and opening new markets every month. Our challenges are innovation, the added value, and maintaining a close relationship with our clients” 


In turn, highlight that renewable energy, forestry and the circular economy are essential for the industry. This raises the opportunity to add new professionals whose motivation is to be part of more environmentally responsible projects.