RINGED NOTEBOOK l Flexible cover


Product of the year (2021) for being sustainably innovative.

Flexible cover made of sugarcane cardboard, no chemical bleaches –Paper 75 g/m2 22 x 29 cm- Striped, checkered or dotted Sheets with bullet format – RStriped or checkered – Sheets without bullet format – 70 sheets- UNITS PER PACKAGE: 5UNITS PER BOX: 30 – Assorted package







The bullet or dotted format has a more flexible structure than striped format, it has more orientation than a blank sheet and is more subtle than a conventional checkered. It has the liberty of choosing a vertical or horizontal disposition Ideal for summaries and lettering.

Ledesma Nat is an integrally eco-sustainable proposal, because the paper is made 100% out of sugarcane, 0% tree fiber, and 0% % bleaching chemicals. It also is verified with “Producto Yungas” Verification and Carbon Footprint Verification.

Sugarcane paper, another way of producing paper.