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100% sugarcane-based sheet, 0% tree fiber, and 0% bleaching chemicals.

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Ledesma NAT

Ledesma NAT Whether you want to print, take notes or even create art, there is a Ledesma NAT product designed for you.



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Have you ever thought how the paper you use daily is manufactured? Or what makes Ledesma NAT different to other papers?

Natural Paper

Ledesma NAT

With the aim of offering the market a product lined with the global tendencies in terms of nature care and preservation we have launched Ledesma Nat, an innovating paper which provides our customers with a sustainable offer. 100% sugarcane-based sheet, 0% tree fiber, and 0% bleaching chemicals.

Ledesma NAT Community

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How important is to have an excellent ecologic paper that suits artists! Painting, water, all in a resistant paper! The best!


Congratulations, thank you for your contribution to humanity, we should always preserve our planet!!!


All our notebook interiors are designed with #ledesmaNat We L O V E I T!

Laura Perez

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