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Our Paper

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Our Paper

100% Cane Fiber


our Origin and Differentiating Factor

Our agro-industrial plants and sugarcane fields are located in the mountainous subtropical forest, known as “Yungas” region in Jujuy, which is one of the most valuable natural ecosystems in the world. In this precious scenery, live endangered species like jaguars, tapirs, and honey bears, among others. Here is where we cultivate and add value to our sugarcane, turning it into sugar, printing and copier paper, alcohol for alcoholic brewages, and bioethanol for biofuel and energy.

100% Cane Fiber

Yungas Product

Certification - ACF

We have achieved the “Producto Yungas” Certification hich is granted by a renowned environmental NGO.

We have achieved the “Producto Yungas” Certification, which is granted by a renowned environmental NGO. Through this certification, we validate the use of alternative cellulosic fibers and the environment protection throughout the whole manufacturing process of Ledesma Paper products.

0% tree fiber and 0% chemical bleaches.

Carbon Footprint


We’ve been verified under Carbon Footprint Standards by SCS Global. By doing this, we assess the Greenhouse Gas Emissions produced by human beings in production processes. International protocols developed by experts in this field are used for measuring such emissions. In this way, we ensure the lowest environmental impact of our production processes. Since sugarcane absorbs CO2 (carbon dioxide), , and its crop is renewed every 12 months, sugarcane is a priceless renewable source which will never extinguish, and it is also considered an extremely valuable natural tool against Greenhouse Effects. Ledesma NAT has an almost neutral carbon footprint, which means that it mitigates almost all of its carbon emissions.

IRAM 3134


IRAM 3134

We obtain the IRAM 3134 Certification – Paper without bleaching process

This is how we make it!

Natural Paper


Learn how Ledesma NAT Paper and their products get to your hands.

Sugar Cane
Sugar Seed
Cellulose Pulp
Reel Table
Cutting table
Final Product.

Proceso del Papel Natural